• Cento Glass

The 100 calories glass.

Cento helps you control how many calories you drink.
Perfect for your cheat meals, you can drink without the guilt!

  • Wine 100 calories
  • Beer 100 calories
  • Liquor 100 calories

Yes, you can cheat

without the guilt!

  • How does it work?

    We simply have 3 volumes for light, medium and heavy drinks. Each amount corresponds to about 100 calories of that drink.

    • Small container

      Any Liquor
      = 100 cals

    • Medium container

      Any Wine
      = 100 cals

    • Large container

      Any Beer
      = 100 cals

  • What's in the box?

      • 1 double-layer glass

      • Keeps your drink cooler for longer

      • Hand-blown by expert artisans

      • Height: 178mm

        Diameter: 66mm

How much are 100 calories?

It's always hard to evaluate the amount of calories in each food. Here is a little overview of best pairing food and how much is 100 calories of them.

Handmade to perfection.

Using thousand years old glass-blowing techniques, our expert craftmen carefully form and weld the two separate walls to create a single cento glass.

Where to Purchase?

Available only on Pre-order.


for 1 Duopack (2 glasses)

Designed in Switzerland, Handmade double-layer borosilicate glass.